Renew Recycled Essential Microfiber Cloths (set of 5)

Renew Recycled Essential Microfiber Cloths (set of 5)

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The Renew Collection brings you the magic of microfiber without making a mess of planet earth. Made from GRS Certified recycled plastic, each cloth is designed to tackle a different household task, and they’ve got handy loops and labels for easy storage and even easier use—for magical, chemical-free cleaning!


- One for each task: bath + tile (with scrubbing stripes!), dusting, glass, grease (for oven cleaning and stovetops), and stainless steel

- GRS Certified recycled plastic diverts ~5.8 plastic bottles from landfill

- Handy hanging loops and labels make them easy to store and use

- Machine washable - Size of each cloth is 12 in x 12 in (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm)


- 80% recycled polyester

- 20% polyamide

- recycled material is certified through the GRS (Global Recycled Standard)